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Welcome to Petcare Brackenbury Veterinary Practice, your local family vet in West London, between the Goldhawk Road, King Street, Hammersmith Grove and Ravenscourt Park, dedicated to providing the best care for you and your pet.

Petcare brings you the best in veterinary care for your pets, and we pride ourselves in our value for money philosophy. Much of our work takes place behind the scenes, so you may not witness the quality of all our services, but you can be confident that every pet patient is treated with tender loving care. This practice has been here in West London since the 1930’s and was even operating through the war while having to use blackout blinds. Call us on 020 8743 3510 or register your pet and book a consultation.

Brackenbury Petcare Practice provides a veterinary service in West London, including Goldhawk Road, Shepherd’s Bush, Hammersmith, Ravenscourt Park, Stamford Brook and Brackenbury Village.

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For a small monthly fee your pet will get all the essential preventative treatments and 10% OFF all your veterinary bills.

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Joining the Petcare Brackenbury Pet Health Club is a great way to spread the cost of essential treatments to keep your pet healthy and to save money on any bills at the vet practice as soon as you join.

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carefreecredit-logoThrough our providers, CarefreeCredit, we can offer you INTEREST FREE payment options for your vet bills (anything from £250 to £25,000).

You can apply online in the vet practice, or at home, the application takes 3 minutes to complete, the decision is instant and treatment can begin immediately after approval. You spread the cost of your bill over 12 months with no interest payable, your pet gets the gold-standard treatment they deserve, and we get paid automatically by CarefreeCredit. Quick, simple, minimum fuss!

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We have this gorgeous girl at the clinic at the moment. She was brought in on Monday as a stray, and unfortunately she is not microchipped. Posters have been put up around the area she was found, but so far no one has come looking for her.
If anyone knows her, or who might be missing her, please let us know! She has lots of love to give and we would love to get her home again!
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With firework season coming up, it is important to think about your furry friends and what you can do to help keep them calm & relaxed.

Our pets often show fear or stress in different ways and there are signs you can look out for, such as:
*trembling & shaking
* clingy behaviour
* barking, pacing, panting
* cowering, hiding, trying to escape
* inappropriate toileting

If you know your pet gets scared during fireworks, a visit to the vets a month or so beforehand is a great idea. We have a few different products we can use for stress & anxiety, so our vets will be able to make a tailor made plan to suit your pet.

There are also things you can try at home that may help.
* try walking dogs before dark so there is less chance of being outside when the fireworks start
* keep cats, rabbits & guinea pigs inside at night if possible
* provide a safe place for pets to hide. ie/ a cardboard box, a crate if crate trained or even a favourite room in the house
* close curtains and have a tv or radio going to provide some background noise
* distract pets with games or toys you know they love
* try not to fuss over them too much which may accidentally encourage anxious behaviour
* try to keep life as normal as possible

Any worries or questions, feel free to give us a call and one of the staff will be able to help!
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This is Coco, he's one of our regular boarders and a favourite amongst the staff.
He is also deaf. His owners noticed when he was a kitten that he didn't always react to sounds around him, and when he came in to board with us we noticed that he slept through all noises and only woke if we opened his cage to pat him.
Studies have confirmed there is a link between completely white cats with blue eyes and deafness. It is a congenital condition, which means they are born with it, but won't affect all white cats. It may also only affect 1 ear, not both.
We usually recommend keeping deaf cats indoors, or closely monitored outdoors, as they are not able to hear danger coming, and may not escape things that other cats would.
Coco doesn't seem to mind being deaf, he's still playful and inquisitive, has better naps than anyone else, and has learnt to meow loudly for attention and cuddles!
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The gorgeous Henry has just been in for "the works". He's been a little off colour, so we have run some bloods tests, given him a full check over and medication and a quick groom to remove some knots! He's been SUCH a well behaved patient - it's no wonder his whole neighbourhood knows who he is and love him!!
We hope you feel better soon Henry!
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3 weeks ago

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cat-bording-brackenburyWe offer short/long term cat boarding for pet patients and guests at our modern and well equipped cattery in Brackenbury.

Cat boarding
All our guests are fed an individually recommended diet and their health and well-being is monitored daily.

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146 Goldhawk Rd, Shepherd’s Bush, London. W12 8HH.

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